ATA-24SH VoIP Analogue Adaptor   SME  
  VigorTalk ATA-24SH 24-Port Analogue Adaptor for VoIP
  • Analogue Phone Adaptor
  • 24-Phone Extensions
  • Ideal for VigorIPPBX
  • SIP Compliant
  • Codecs : G.711, 729A, 723.1, 726
  • Echo Cancellation & Jitter Buffer
  • Caller ID (ETSI)


VigorTalk ATA-24SH - Analogue Phone Adaptor for VoIP

The DrayTek ATA-24SH is a Analogue Phone Adaptor for VoIP systems. It provides 24 individual analogue phone ports - ports into which you can plug any regular analogue phone, cordless DECT base or other analogue phone equipment. It provides an alternative to having native digital VoIP phones and is ideal where you have legacy equuipment which you wish to retain. Analogue terminals (phones) are also ideal for higher risk environments, where you may wish to reduce the possibility of damage or loss of more expensive IP phones.

Each of the ATA-24SH's 24 ports can be registered as a unique extension on your PBX; that can be a local PBX on your LAN (such as the VigorIPBX 2820), a remote SIP server or hosted IP PBX service. You can also deploy the ATA_24 at a remote site, providing the extensions to you main PBX at your HQ.



The Vigor ATA-24 provides 24 analogue phone ports to not just the DrayTek VigorIPPBX but any other SIP-Compliant IP PBX, such as Asterisk based PBXs).

The DrayTek ATA-24SH uses an RJ-21 type socket on the front for connection into your telecomms infrasructure. If you want to break that out into 24 individial RJ11 phone sockets, you can use the optional components, RJ1124P (24 port RJ11 panel) and CABRJ21MF (2-Metre RJ21 cable to connect ATA24SH to RJ1124P).

ATA-24SH with optional panel and cable. Phone for illustration only.

24-Port RJ11 Panel (Part RJ1124P)

RJ-21 Cable (Part CABRJ21MF)


VigorTalk ATA-24SH Specification

  • Hardware Interfaces:
    • 50-Pin RJ-21 Connector (for 24 analogue ports)
    • Management Port (Gigabit Ethernet RJ45)
    • WAN Port (Ethernet RJ45)
    • Mirror Port (Ethernet RJ45)
    • Console Port (RS-232)
  • Firewall : DoS Protection
  • VoIP Features:
    • 24 Analogue Phone Ports (FXS)
    • Ideal partner for DrayTek IP PBX
    • SIP/MGCP/H.248 PRotocol Support
    • Codec Support : G.711, G.729a, G723.1, G.726
    • VAD (Silence suppression) and CNG
    • G.168-2000 Echo Cancellation
    • Jitter Buffer
    • Packet Loss concealment
    • RFC-2833 Out-of-Band FTMF
    • User configuable gain/attenutation
    • Analogue/Fax modem compatible
    • Caller ID delivery (ETSI/UK Compliant)
    • Line Polarity Reversal
    • Outbound Proxy
    • NAT-Traversal (STUN & RFC3489)
    • T.38 Fax Relay
    • Multiple SIP Proxy/Server registration
  • System Management:
    • Web User Interface
    • Command Line Interface (Telnet, SSH and Serial Console)
    • Remote Firmware Upgrade
    • Syslog reporting
    • SNMP (Basic, VoIP, Firewall and Alarm MIBs)
  • Test & Diagnostics:
    • Metallic Loop Tests:
      • AC Voltage
      • AC Current
      • Resistance
      • Capacitance
    • Line Card Tests:
      • Normal Battery
      • Loop Current
    • User Phone/Instrument Test
      • DTMF Tone dialling and receiving test
      • Low frequency signal level test
      • High frequency signal level test
      • Low Frequency Test
      • High Frequency Test
      • Howler Tone Test
      • Ringing Test
  • Rackmountable (brackets included)
  • Optional Rack mounting 24-Port RJ11 outlet & RJ-21 Cable
  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's RTB
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