SIP Trunks / PSTN Gateway

DrayTEL SIP Trunk and DSL Trunk Packages

DrayTEL provide three types of trunk. The Classic/Prepay account is our original account type, ideal for a single SoHo user or household using a VoIP telephone or VoIP enabled router. The business trunk services all include enhanced levels of customer support; the trunk elements are the same but the DSL trunks are provided together with the one-hop DSL line, ensuring best possible call quality and reliability. (For more explanation, see here).

  DrayTEL Classic
SIP Trunk
Voice Plus
Voice Pro
Monthly Fee£0 (Free)£19.99£49.99£59.99
Setup FeeFree£20£40£40
Max. Line Speed
SIP trunk included2 channels5 channels5 channels5 channels
Additional 5 channels-£19.50/month£19.50/month£19.50/month
Maximum SIP channels2404080
Included minutes-2500 Landline
50 Mobile
2500 Landline
50 Mobile
2500 Landline
50 Mobile
Phone number included
(Area code of your choice)
Additional Phone Nos.£2.99/month (each)£2.99/month (each)£2.99/month (each)£2.99/month (each)
‘One-hop’ to DrayTEL Gateway--YesYes
Telephone-based Support-YesYesYes
Payment MethodCredit CardDirect DebitDirect DebitDirect Debit
Min Contract term-6 months6 months6 months
Static IP address n/an/a11
All prices exclude VAT. 'Landline calls' include all UK destinations starting 01 or 02. Mobile calls include all mobile phone networks starting 077, 078 and 079. On monthly accounts, if you use up your inclusive call allowance, additional calls are charged at DrayTEL's 'Silver tariff', which offers excellent rates (for pay-monthly accounts, the pre-pay minimum requirements/expiry do not apply). On pay-monthly account, one UK phone number is provided as standard with an area code of your choice (e.g. London 020). *One Static IP address included additional static IP addresses at extra cost. Actual DSL line speed is dependent on line quality and length; speed stated is maximum.

What is a DrayTEL DSL Trunk (Voice Plus/Voice Pro) ?

With a conventional ADSL line, in order to route calls to the VoIP gateway (DrayTEL server), your traffic goes firstly to your own ISP and then via any number of other public networks/ISPs before eventually getting to the server. Each of these 'hops' introduces delays and each part of the route is subject to its own congestion or packet loss - the reliability and quality of the call depends on many different company's networks and general Internet congestion, factors which are completely out of your control. Your voice traffic is competing for bandwidth with every other Internet user. These factors can contribute to variable call quality and also effects such as jitter and packet loss. By using DrayTEL's DSL Trunk, we provide not only a resilient DSL line with no contention but a direct route back to the DrayTEL server. Your voice traffic passes through our private network and does not share bandwidth with any non-voice traffic or pass over any other public networks at any point. This ensures the very best call quality, as well as increased security. Your voice traffic is not competing with any non-voice traffic and not delayed by multiple network hops.

Pre-requisites for a DrayTEL DSL Trunk

In order to have a DrayTEL DSL trunk, you need to have a BT analogue line on which the DSL service can be provided. Your analogue service will continue to operate normally. If you do not have a spare line available, DrayTEL can arrange for one to be fitted (subject to additional charges). DrayTEL's DSL is available is most of the UK but a specific survey/check of your line needs to be conducted to confirm availability at your location. You are not committed to and do not pay for anything until this has been confirmed.

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